Overview and Target Audience

This course will help surgeons and gastroenterologist understand risks, benefits, expected outcomes, patient selection, placement procedure, removal, pre and postoperative management and prevention/treatment of complications. The two intragastric balloons that were approved by the FDA as a primary weight loss strategy recently will be included. This course will address the needs of surgeons and the entire multidisciplinary team.


Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the intragastric balloon as an option for the treatment of mild to moderate obesity
  • Utilize the indications and contraindications for the intragastric balloon therapy.
  • Describe the balloon techniques for placement and removal.
  • Recognize the complications associated with the intragastric balloon.
  • Identify the available data associated with the intragastric balloon.
  • Evaluate the initial experience in the United States with the intragastric balloon.

1:30pm Dual saline-filled balloon fundamentals
1:50pm Single saline-filled balloon fundamentals
2:10pm Swallowable gas-filled balloon fundamentals
2:30pm Intragastric balloon patient selection and management
3:00pm Break
3:30pm Intragastric balloon complications
4:00pm Using medications with intragastric balloons
4:20pm What do we know about intragastric balloon design after 12 years of international experience?
4:50pm Adjourn