Each year, ObesityWeek welcomes our non-profit 501(c) partner organizations to participate in the event. This includes the partnership opportunities, as outlined below.

Level 1

ObesityWeek Level 1 partners co-locate their respective annual meetings under the umbrella of the ObesityWeek event. These top-level partners absorb the full financial, legal and educational responsibilities of:

ASMBS – American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery


TOS – The Obesity Society


Level 2

ObesityWeek offers our Level 2 partners an opportunity to host a specialized, obesity-related session for attendees at the conference. Space is limited and applications are accepted early in the year, and finalized well before the meeting.

2017 Level 2 submissions are completed. Contact partnership@asmbs.org if you are interested in applying for Level 2 partnership for ObesityWeek 2018, or later.

Level 3

ObesityWeek offers our Level 3 partners an opportunity to participate as an endorsing partner at the conference. For additional information about how to sign up as a Level 3 partner contact:

Tanesia Dwight, TOS

Media Partners

ObesityWeek offers our media partners a unique opportunity to participate in the top research news coming out of the conference. For additional information about how to sign up as a media partner contact: